Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 12: Giving it my all

I'm really starting to turn up the intensity in my training. So much so that when I came home to blog I fell asleep at my computer, lol. It's 8am now and I am just getting ready to start the process over again.

There is always time. If i can work the hours that I do, commit time to my fiancé and workout then anyone can. My schedule consisted of showing houses, listing a property, signing an offer on another, searching for properties for clients driving all over town with the temptations of fast-food at every corner, taking lunch to my good looking fiancé at her work and going for a run (HIIT) and running the stairs at the escarpment only to have enough energy to write the only the title of this blog before passing out and finishing it this morning.

I'd say I am giving it my all ...or am I? Let’s try harder today.
I'm going to work out more today, spend more time with Sarah and be more effective at my job so that maybe I'll have time in my life for other important things.

Goal writing day! Not just my weight, as I started out with. It’s time for more specific goals about everything in my life. I will share those with you asap.

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