Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 6: Crap, I'm late!

No, no, not that kind of late. I'm late for my post! Only by 4 minutes though. Tonight was my work Christmas party. I was lukewarm about going in the first place, but I decided to have a good time.

This morning I woke up to hit the road and do some running ...then I realized it was -3 degrees and I wimped out. Ok, so that's not very inspiring and I'm not happy about not following through. But I intended to take the weekend off to give my body a rest, so instead I'll just rip it up tomorrow.

It's been a tough week. 10 to 14 hours work days, an interview with a national news television station and I had a childhood friend of mine pass away at 29 year old from a heart attack. That's scary lemme tell you. He was in good shape. With my lifestyle I should have need dead years ago ...but I'm still here. Rest time is over. Double punishment this weekend. My goal ...just to follow through.

R.I.P. Perry Ryerson will be missed

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