Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 2: That's Gonna Hurt In The Morning

Ok, so I did alright with planning my meals last evening, but I totally forgot to plan my workout. I realized this as I pulled into the parking lot at my gym just a couple of hours ago. It's an uncomfortable feeling when you have all these amazingly fit people around you, with veins the size of my fingers, and I'm standing there staring at a dumbell and feeling like a dumbass. I have to be really careful these days when I work on my upper body. Years of playing hockey and high school football have wreaked havoc on my shoulders and if I don't watch it they will dislocate on me and then I'm screwed. I have an appointment this Friday with a surgeon to go under the knife for my right shoulder ...again. The actualy surgery isn't this Friday, just an appointment to make another appointment.

So what did I do at the gym? Chest, triceps, shoulders (very carefully) and abs ...well, stomach. I'm about 5 or 6 months away from being able to call them abs. My goal for tonight, which was set as I approached the weight room, was to do as many reps, of a comfortable weight, as I could with 30 to 60 seconds between sets. I may not be able to lift very much at this point, but I figure that if I can just keep my heart rate up high then I'll be doing ok.

Lesson for the day: create a plan of action for the gym and document my succes. I will try to create a genaric journal sheet and post it if your interested.

Back at it tomorrow ...I just hope I can move in the morning  :s

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