Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 41 and 42

It's tough to get out a do anything after being sick for so long, but I did it. The one bonus is that I lost a few pounds and I am going to keep it off. Tomorrow I am hitting the ice to go for a nice skate on the lake and in the evening I will be going to the gym. I will also be inquiring about spinning classes. Its no additional cost at my gym so why not take advantage of some free coaching :)


  1. Hi,
    I saw the news which urged me to find your blog!
    First of all, I think what you're doing is wonderful! I'd like to share with you the answer for millions of people who've had the same goal: become healthier!
    I don't mean to sound like those repetitive, random & sketchy ad posters or anything. I was just touched by your story and would like to help you out :D There's an in-home meeting/presentation this coming Saturday, Jan 8th around 6PM.

    Please visit the official website, just in case you have some doubts about it.

    If you'd like to see,

    Email me at:

    Have a great day and good luck on your achievements! :)

  2. Thanks Jessa! I actually work all weekend, but thanks for the offer :)